Sails & Bridges mp3 album


Dave Rich Band – Sails And Bridges (2009)


Running order:-
● Driving by the light of the moon
● Kenya
● Little words
● Making me wings
● Not another moment to waste
● Sails and bridges
● Sister
● The Day We Died
● The Sweetness of life
● Wheels.


Click on the player below to hear a demo montage

Dave Rich – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Upright Bass.
Andreas Matthews – Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Backing Vocals.
Owen Burgess – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Darren Crome – Drums.
Lucy Turnbull Lloyd-Jones – Backing Vocals.

All songs written, produced and mastered by Dave Rich at Lividstudios.
Cover art – Lucy Turnbull Lloyd-Jones.

And a special thank you to Alex Matthews, Michael Hölzen, Dean Adair and Amy Moses for their contributions for the backing vocals at the end of Sails and Bridges.

This album is dedicated to bump. Also thanks to Linzi, John, Margaret and Michelle Rich.