Recording / Engineering

I'm also available to hire for lcoation recording, production, mixing, mastering and arranging - as well sessions on piano, guitar and vocals. I also can do live sound production.

I have a 16 track mobile recording setup and can record a show during live mixing for use to later make a live album or to mix sound for video etc (YouTube).

From choirs, intimate acoustic performances and wedding recordings through to large rock bands and mid-sized orchestras and community music groups I've got you covered.

I have an extensive array of software which is far too extensive to list but there's SSL channel strips, 1176, La2as, melodyne - a huge list.

So if you're insterested in:-

  • Recording
  • Location Recording
  • Mixing/Mastering
  • Editing and Polishing of existing recordings
  • Sound Enhancement/Restoration
  • Production
  • Then Get In Touch